Progressive Women of Pelham thanks Maggie Klein for dedication to town

Editor’s Note: This press release was provided by the Progressive Women of Pelham 

Since 1992, The Pelham Weekly, now The Pelhams Plus, founded and edited by Maggie Klein, has chronicled our town, documenting the lives of generations of Pelham residents. In addition to providing excellent coverage of local and breaking news, the paper announced weddings and births, celebrated sports victories, announced the passing of loved ones, flagged important calendar events, covered social and charity events, and much more.

Long time Pelham resident Nancy Devlin Bohn describes The Pelham Weekly as “the heartbeat of the community, everyone looked forward to it each week, and Maggie’s office was always buzzing with friends helping.”

“For almost thirty years the Pelham Weekly has delivered thoughtful local reporting and meaningful coverage of special community events. As a life-long Pelhamite, I have quite literally grown up with the Pelham Weekly and am sad to see it go. I’d like to extend my gratitude to Pelham Weekly Founder and Editor, Maggie Klein, for her service to the Pelham community – thank you for your hard work and commitment to bringing quality news to members of Senate District 34,” said PWP member and State Senator Alessandra Biaggi (D-Bronx/Westchester).

In a country in which journalism and the press are attacked and threatened every day, it’s all the more important to thank and honor those in the media from the national to the local level who work so hard to bring us the news.

Thank you, Maggie Klein, for your many years of dedication to our town.