‘Better balance between commercial and residential interests’ for mixed-use developments

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To the editor:

First, I’d like to reiterate my support of redevelopment in the Village of Pelham. These efforts are critical for ensuring a vibrant Pelham community.

This letter is to clarify a point I made during public comments at the board of trustees meeting on Sept. 10 regarding the BDFZ and its impact on residential neighborhoods adjacent to BDFZ developments.

Per the opening paragraph of the BDFZ law, developments “will preserve, complement and be compatible with the character, massing, and scale of adjacent residential land uses.”

The proposed 163 Wolfs Lane site plan specifies a building height of 85 feet to street level on Manning Circle which is behind (and below) the property. This is not consistent with the massing and scale of adjacent residential land uses.

Enclosed are several photos of the “Boulevard West” development from various points in the residential areas adjacent to this development, including Marquand Place, which is behind (and below) the development. The photos clearly show the irreparable impact of this development on adjacent residential areas.

We all want a vibrant, rejuvenated Pelham community. As you consider proposals for mixed-use developments, those of us living next to these sites implore you to find a better balance between commercial and residential interests in the community we all share.

Todd Cross

5 Manning Circle