Try Bangkok City for your next dinner outing


If you haven’t been to Bangkok City in a while, I would recommend you try it again.

When this charming little Thai place first opened in 2014, I vividly remember being so excited to go there with my family and to enjoy the food. It ended up to be nothing short of everything my ten year old self had hoped. The food filled my stomach with the flavors of pad-thai and lemongrass soup– my two favorite menu items to order–and provided me with a sense of comfort. One day, however, my family and I got bored of the same old food and decided to venture elsewhere for good take out. And like that, Bangkok City went from a glorious place of family time and warm meals that I savored, to just another restaurant in Pelham.

Recently, bubble tea has become a new trend– it’s everywhere. I hopped right on that bandwagon and fell in love with the tapioca pearls and the sweet milk tea. Once I learned that Bangkok City was serving bubble tea, I walked down to fifth avenue and got myself a nice tall glass of it. It was delicious. However, it was in that moment that I realized it had been a while since I ate there. And once again, Bangkok was ba0ck on my radar, only this time I was a pescatarian.

I went back multiple times and each time, it was nothing but excellent. Needless to say it never failed to meet my expectations.

The most recent time I went, I chose to go with my father, which was perfect, because I always loved going there with my family. When we walked in, the restaurant was partially crowded with a couple of parties dining, but plenty of room for my dad and I to sit. The hostess/waitress seated us and gave us our menus right away.

To my surprise, she handed us two menus, one with their regular menu items and another with specials! This was very exciting because I love trying new and interesting dishes at places I have been to numerous times. The “specials menu” included pork buns, hibachi, a ramen like dish and many other delicious sounding appetizers and entrees.

We decided quickly on what to order, for me a pad Thai, bubble tea and lemongrass soup– I had to go with my classic order– and for my dad a rice noodle beef soup bowl (one of the specials). We also ordered a Thai tuna ceviche to share (from the specials menu). The waitress was perfectly helpful and attentive and took our order within the first ten minutes we were there.

The bubble tea came first and was delicious and sweet as always. I highly recommend trying it if you have never before.

Next came out the tuna ceviche. Not only was it pretty and colorful, but it tasted amazing and fresh, which I wasn’t expecting so much from a Thai restaurant. It came with chips and a bowl filled with tuna, cilantro, bell peppers and many other fresh ingredients that blended together really well. It was refreshing to say the least. My dad was impressed as well!

Next came our meals. Mine included both the pad-thai (with no meat of course) and the lemongrass soup.

The pad-thai was delicious. The portion size was enormous and I wasn’t able to finish but it is always nice to go home with leftovers. It came with a sprinkle of crushed peanuts on top and vegetables mixed in with the noodles. I have had my fair share of pad-thai and this specific one has always been one of my favorites. The crunchiness of the peanuts in contrast to the savory and soft pasta was delicious and really hit the spot after a long day at school.

If you go to Bangkok, I highly recommend trying the lemongrass soup. It’s sour, tangy and flavorful all at the same time. The flavor is unique and there is not too much in the soup so I got mostly broth in every spoonful. The tomatoes weren’t soggy which was a huge plus because that is very un-appetizing. Overall, the soup was delicious and went really well with the pad-thai.

My dad said his dish was really delicious but he would recommend adding some spice.

Overall, the experience was very pleasant and I had a really nice time going here. It was good food and good service. The waitress even warned us against ordering more food, which turned out to be good advice considering I was too full to order dessert. Bangkok City is a great place in Pelham and will always be one of my go-to’s. It never fails to taste amazing and the staff is always welcoming and friendly.