Tahbaz, Brice, Mazzaro will keep ‘Pelham schools the excellent institutions they are’

To the editor:

As you already know tomorrow, Tuesday, May 21, we have our annual school budget vote and Board of Education election.  This year we have a contested election with four candidates for three seats on the BOE.

While I know all four of the candidates and honestly believe they are persons of integrity and good intentions, I believe that Leah Tahbaz, John Brice and Vincent Mazzaro are the best candidates for the job.

Each of the candidates carries their own petitions, knocks on doors for support and decides whether or not to go before the Citizens Nominating Committee (CNC).  Appearing before the CNC is not required for election, but gives citizens an opportunity to hear the candidates comment on relevant issues in a format where follow-up questions are allowed and enables the committee members to get a real sense of a candidate’s beliefs and ideas.

Leah, John and Vinny come to the BOE without any agenda other than keeping Pelham schools the excellent institutions they are and supporting and leading our professional staff and administration in continuing to search out ways to effectively and efficiently improve our schools.

Leah, John and Vinny are not proposing that we in Pelham take the self-defeating step of voting down our budget, but rather want to be part of a solution that finds efficiencies that at a minimum reduce the rates of cost increases while preserving programs.

I respectfully ask you to join me in voting for Leah, John and Vinny and in voting YES for our school budget.


Tom Imperato

648 Timpson St.