SOOP opens sign-ups for fall children’s workshops

SOOP opens sign-ups for fall children's workshops

Editor’s note: This information was provided by the SOOP Theatre Company.

The SOOP Theatre Arts Workshops provide the perfect solution for children who are just starting out in theatre and want to learn about the performance process – or who do not have the time to commit to the intensive schedule of a Mainstage Production – or who would like to just continue honing their skills!. Our Workshop productions follow a class format for ten weeks; there is no audition for the class – if you register, you are in! Below is a more detailed description of each age level.

K-2 Workshops (Alphabet SOOPers)

In this 10 week workshop, students will explore their “actor’s toolbox” helping to open their voices, creatively move their bodies, and expand their imaginations through excersises and interactive theatre games. Each week, children will work on diction and projection, singing, creative movement as well as an abridged script. The class will culminate with a low pressure final sharing on the Manor Club stage to give them a nurturing performance opportunity. Class goals are to teach students how to tell a story using text, movement and song while learning how to collaborate, improve focus, gain confidence and expand their creativity through imaginative theatre play.

3-8 Workshops (Child Stars)

In this 10 week workshop, students will learn how to further develop their instrument and begin to have a greater understanding of the process of putting together a production. Emphasis will be on ensemble building, character development and creative collaboration while also working on actor’s excercises to help open the voice and body. A selection of songs and scenes will be chosen from the Musical Theatre genre and each student will be assigned 1-2 scenes as well as several ensemble songs with staging and choreography. The final day of class will culminate on The Manor Club stage to share their work and creativity with family and friends in a supportive, low pressure performing opportunity.

(Refund Policy:  A full refund will be issued up through Week 1 (first class); after week 2 (second class), no refund will be issued.)

Dates for the fall workshops, registration links and additional information are on the SOOP website.