New school board president DeDomenico looks for successful year with strategic plan in place, bond work underway


From left, Sue Bratone Childs and Jessica DeDomenico.

With the beginning of a new school year on the horizon, a recent shift has come about for Jessica DeDomenico. She is the new president of board of education. DeDomenico and Sue Bratone Childs switched roles, as DeDomenco previously served as vice president and Childs as president for the board. 

DeDomenico is looking forward to another successful year in the district.

“At our most recent meeting, we adopted our new strategic plan,” said DeDomenico. “The bond work is also well under way.  A lot of progress was made at Hutchinson School over the summer, and the field work at Glover has begun, We will look forward to seeing these two projects take further shape throughout the year, and we will be excited to progress the bond-related work at the middle school and high school and at Prospect Hill School. Last year was also a successful year for our policy committee. I hope we will be very productive on this front again this year.”

The president’s role is to run executive sessions and public meetings, as well as voice her opinions.  These meetings determine how the district is run.

Moving to Pelham 14 years ago, DeDomenico has always found it important to find ways to give back to the community.  This led to volunteer work with the Junior League of Pelham, the Picture House, Pelham Together, County Harvest and other organizations throughout town.  

“I felt my experience in education would be a great additional voice on the board and that it would give me a greater understanding of what it takes to run our schools,” said DeDomenico. “Personally speaking, serving as a member of the Pelham Board of Education has been the most rewarding volunteer work I’ve done so far.” 

DeDomenico has had previous experience working in schools, listening to the needs of students, parents, teachers and administrators because she has a master of education in counseling psychology. “I believe this experience is similar to the work of a member of the board of education. Decisions are never easy. There are many needs to weigh and balance, with the success of our students being our overarching goal.”