Village of Pelham phishing scam: Spam emails sent using board of trustee email addresses

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Editor’s note: The following press release was issued by the Village of Pelham.

Earlier today, we were made aware of a phishing scam which consisted of “spam” emails sent from Village of Pelham Board of Trustee email addresses. The emails prompted recipients to open an attached “zip” file which could not be opened by the recipients. We continue to investigate the origin of the emails and have made adjustments to the Village’s security settings. The Village’s IT consultants have advised that no other systems have been impacted and no Village of Pelham information has been compromised. If you received one of these emails, please delete it and do not attempt to open the attachment. More information will be made available if necessary. As of this time, there does not seem to be any further cause for concern.

The Village encourages all residents to be aware of phishing scams, which may come in many forms, including emails or text messages that may appear to be from trusted sources. As a reminder, never open attachments in unsolicited emails, never share passwords for your email or other online accounts, and never give out any personally identifying information. For more information on how to avoid phishing scams, see additional tips provided by the Federal Communications Commission,