State Sen. Biaggi endorses Elizabeth Warren for Democratic presidential nomination

Editor’s note: This press release was provided Tuesday by State Sen. Alessandra Biaggi.

Yesterday I was proud to stand on stage in Washington Square Park with Assemblywoman Yuh Line Niou and tell 20,000 New Yorkers that I’m fired up for Elizabeth Warren to be our next President.


Because I’m confident that a Warren Presidency would best serve the people I represent in the Bronx and Westchester.

Here are a few reasons:

Elizabeth Warren understands that we need structural change in the United States in order to meet the moment and best equip our country for a powerful future. Incremental tweaks and improvements – the typical approach of recent Democratic administrations – are no longer enough. Returning the federal government to being of service to working Americans require bold steps.

Elizabeth Warren does her homework. She takes the issues seriously and has detailed plans for addressing each challenge our country faces. If you haven’t read her plans, you should! She’s a bold realist, not a purist, and that’s what can win and deliver for the American people.

Elizabeth Warren is not afraid. So many of the other candidates running for President have an undercurrent of fear, hesitation, or cautiousness in their manner and their remarks. That’s not going to work against Trump, and it’s not the energy we should be embracing. She’s proud of her bold views on public policy, and there is a lot of power in that pride. She can beat Trump.

Elizabeth Warren has built a career of earnest public service. She’s been fighting for working families for decades, and she loves to speak truth to power. She’s genuine, authentic, and she’s the real deal. She is a great example of what a grounded, down-to-earth public servant should be.

Elizabeth Warren is running a primary race funded entirely by the grassroots. She isn’t even holding fundraisers, let alone taking money from PACs or special interests.

So those are the reasons. But why endorse now? Why not wait?

Because now is the time to shape the Democratic primary. By organizing, debating issues, and donating to candidate(s) you support, you can influence the primary dynamics. And you should – because that’s what civic engagement looks like.

I will be spending real time and energy over the next 14 months, working to organize and elect Elizabeth Warren.