Pelham ‘remains strong’ board reports in State of Town summary usually issued at start of year

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The of state of the “Town of Pelham remains strongly positive with a very bright outlook,” the town board said in a report issued Monday night.

“Despite responsibility for such a wide variety of governmental services, and despite constantly-rising costs, we are pleased to report that for four consecutive years, we completed the town budget with a zero percent tax levy increase followed by a fifth year with a 1.79% increase due to mandated health care and pension cost increases—well below even the rate of inflation during each of the last five years,” said the State of the Town report.

This is the first State of the Town summary issued during the election season in the past six years, based on online searches. The two previous States of the Town came out Jan. 22, 2017 and Feb. 18, 2015. The report for 2013 came out in June. The town board’s organizational meeting is at the beginning of the year.

Councilman Blake Bell would not comment directly on whether the timing was electioneering.

“It will be a faithful statement of the state of the town, good for every town taxpayer and resident to hear whether a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent or unaffiliated,” Bell wrote in an email.

“We deliver updates typically during our public budget workshops and votes when we go through the entire budget, what the town is spending, why we have to spend it, what it will accomplish, and what previously has been accomplished on the same line items for previous budgeted amounts,” Bell said in the email. “We also provide a similar update in January in connection with rather lengthy and separate organizational and then legislative sessions (with monthly incremental updates, of course, during each meeting on the first Monday of the month often during the comments period). ”

The complete Town of Pelham State of the Town is available for download.

In the election, Republican Town Councilman Dan McLaughlin is running unopposed for town supervisor to replace Peter DiPaola, who is retiring. Incumbent Bell is seeking re-election, and Michelle Marcellino will also be on the Republican ticket for the other open council seat along with Antoinette Clemente for town clerk.

Maura Curtin and Kristen Burke are the Democratic party’s selections for the two open town board seats.