Councilman McLaughlin gives full support to re-election of GOP Town Justice DeChiaro

To the editor,

I am writing to show my full support for Judge John DeChiaro. Having worked with Judge John over the past eight years, I can attest there is no better person to represent the people of Pelham in the town court than Judge John.

Recently it was implied that somehow his 42 years of criminal and civil legal experience is not good enough—to that I say, we are blessed to have in Judge John an individual who knows what it feels like to be marginalized. As a newly minted immigrant to the U.S. in the 1960s, Judge John faced many hardships, but was able to rise above it all and bring his life’s perspective of independence, justice and equality before the law to the Pelham Town Court for the last eight years

Political party has no place in an independent judiciary. Judge John has and continues to embody everyone and anyone, regardless of their social, political or economic standing.  Judge John DeChiaro is the right man for this position.

Judge John is my friend, and I am happy to support him on Nov. 5 for re-election, but more importantly I am voting for Judge John, and strongly encourage you to as well.

Dan McLaughlin

Deputy Town Supervisor

1443 Roosevelt Place