Democrat Kagan for justice: Pelham village’s big achievements made possible by him

To the editor:

I support Adam Kagan for Pelham Town Justice in the Nov. 5 elections.

The same qualities that make Adam among the most effective village trustees in either village would make him an excellent justice for our town. He’s fact-driven, well-prepared with research, knowledgeable of the law and extremely hard working.

Many of the village board’s marque accomplishments were made possible or improved upon by Adam’s work. That includes negotiating tough but fair union contracts with our police and fire employees, gaining the ability of residents to purchase power beyond ConEd, limiting the ability of phone companies to put small antennas in our neighborhood, pushing Solarize Pelham, and the complicated transfer of our water system – and its risks – to an outside organization.

In each case, Adam had read deeply into lengthy documents, understood fully how the law applied, could foresee risks to the village that needed mitigation, and kept the interest of residents foremost. He was tenacious in finding the facts and understanding the applicable law, and yet made his arguments with care and respect of others who disagreed.

These strengths make me proud to have worked with Adam, and those same strengths would make him an excellent Pelham Town Justice.

Joe Marty

275 Highbrook