Invisible Westchester, gallery present art exhibit this weekend on creating change, inspiring action and bringing hope

Editor’s note: This press release was provided by Invisible Westchester.

[LARCHMONT, NY] Indivisible Westchester, in conjunction with Outside the Lines Gallery, is pleased to present the exhibition, Art Inspires Action. The organization posed the question, “What can we do?” as an open call to local artists to contemplate what can we do, as a community, to create change, inspire action and above all else bring hope through art. The goal of the exhibition is to invite artists to express their views on the current political climate of the United States, and through these works of art, inspire people to activate change.  The exhibition intends to present a realistic State of the Union, and give people hope in what we can do, as individual citizens, to influence and advocate for the future.


Ardina Seward, one of the artists represented in the exhibition sees her multimedia sculptures as a way to represent her opinions on the current political climate, as she simply and eloquently states, “Art provokes thought. Thought provokes change.” That statement speaks directly to the heart of the purpose of this exhibition. As the title suggests art can, and should, inspire action. Indivisible Westchester hopes that in viewing these pieces and thinking about their meanings the viewer leaves the space with a renewed sense of hope, purpose and spark to create change.

To learn more, please visit or call 914-886-2940.

Indivisible Westchester is a movement of neighbors and friends working together to protect the core values of this great nation. We promote policies and legislation that are based on inclusion, respect, justice and non-violence.  With a focus on the local level, we support progressives running for office and we hold elected representatives accountable.