Pelham Examiner Executive Editor Charlotte Howard guests on chamber’s Inside 10803 podcast; Examiner adds player for podcast


Pelham Examiner Executive Editor Charlotte Howard is a guest on the fifth episode of Inside 10803, the podcast produced by the Pelham Chamber of Commerce.  Also interviewed on the episode is Danny Fund board member Deanna Huaman, who talks about the organization and why people should go to their gala this weekend.

The previous four episodes of Inside 10803 are available here. They include interviews with Pelham Board of Education President Jessica DeDomenico as well as the owners of Thrive, Vincent’s Fine Jewelry and The Local Branch.

The right column of the desktop homepage of the Pelham Examiner now has a player for Inside 10803, where the newest episode of the podcast will always be available. The player is also built into the mobile version of the newspaper.

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