Last Village of Pelham first responders’ tour Wednesday to be silent one due to death of George Floyd


File photo of tour by first responders on May 25.

Editor’s note. This press releases was provided by the Village of Pelham.

Dear neighbors,

As we move into Phase I of the Governor’s reopening plan, we have decided to hold our final 7pm first responders’ tour through the Village this Wednesday, June 3rd. This particular tour will be done a little differently. Instead of blasting our sirens and banging our pots and pans, we will do this tour in silence and we ask all residents to join us in that silence.  As you have surely seen on the news, the death of George Floyd has reminded us once again of our struggle to live up to America’s ideals.

Since our nation’s founding, communities and individuals of color have faced injustice on far too many fronts: employment discrimination, unequal access to healthcare, myriad educational disparities, and yes, unequal treatment under the laws that are supposed to protect everyone.

These first responders tours have meant a great deal to many of us. They’ve been a daily reminder that we are the product of all the heroic things Americans have done for one another. But this week, we also remember that we are a product of all the horrible things Americans have done to one another. As James Baldwin put it, “people are trapped in history and history is trapped in them.” This is our shared moment. We must all accept responsibility for the future we will create together.

This silent procession will not be enough to heal the injuries created over centuries. It will not be enough to heal the injuries created just this year. But we hope it will demonstrate our commitment to listening–as police officers, firefighters, administrators and elected officials. We take seriously our oath to serve and protect our residents and believe in the enduring need for government centered in equity, accountability and justice for all.

On Wednesday, please join us on your doorsteps, porches and sidewalks in silent solidary. To our black and brown neighbors: we are with you.


Mayor Chance Mullen

Deputy Mayor Pete Potocki

Village Administrator Omar Small

Police Chief Jason Pallett

Fire Chief Jim DiNapoli

Trustee Ariel Spira-Cohen

Trustee Mike Carpenter

Trustee Ciro Greco

Trustee Hanan Kamal-Eldahry

Trustee Lisa Hill-Reis