59 in Pelham back Fink in Democratic Congressional primary for ‘new thinking and fresh approaches’

To the editor:

If ever there was a time when doing what we’ve always done is not what we should strive to do, now is that time. If ever there was a time when our society desperately needs new thinking and fresh approaches, now is that time.

We thank Rep. Eliot Engel for the more than three decades of service. But it’s not only his lack of presence or the fact that his inside voice was caught on a hot mic that has put him in the fight of his career. It’s telling that State Sen. Alessandra Biaggi withdrew her support for Engel, while Senate minority leader and fellow New Yorker, Chuck Schumer, has declined to endorse him. It’s clear the voters of Westchester and the Bronx are looking for real leadership on the issues that matter here at home, not in Maryland or D.C.

At this point, with so much on the line, we need a representative who sees our streets and schools every day. We need a representative who is willing to enact real reform for societal, environmental and economic progress. Chris Fink is recognized as one of the top advisors in energy and infrastructure and an expert in creating the public-private partnerships our district needs for a vibrant and sustainable future. He has common-sense solutions, because he’s worked on these issues his entire career.

Fink entered the race to represent the NY-16 congressional district knowing the odds were against him, but also that the cause was worth the fight. For Fink, the issues are clear: racial justice, universal healthcare, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, and underlying it all, reversing the climate crisis. Fink has relevant, real-world experience that will help him bring the change we need here at home and around the country. He has worked with governments and manufacturers and is deeply involved in the civic life of our district. Fink takes a practical approach to the issues that we’re facing with solid plans that meet our needs, here, today. His plans and focus areas are based on a life built in Westchester and a career of engagement on these topics, not from outside interest groups and campaign lobbyists.

Cities and schools have trusted Fink to create the plans they need to build, grow and thrive. Transit systems have trusted Fink to keep people on the move. States have trusted his leadership as they move to energy systems that eliminate high polluting, fossil-fueled generating facilities.

We trust Fink to do what the job requires: represent us.

We ask you to join us and vote for Chris Fink in the Democratic primary for NY-16 in early voting now or on June 23.

Submitted by:

Philip and Beth Talamas

1071 Pelhamdale Avenue


Denise Amorelli

Jordan Amorelli

Greg Anastas

Barbara Burger

Clay Bushong

Tim Creutz

Bruce Dunbar

Maddie Dunbar

Christine Sperrazza Elliott

Guy Eustace

Melissa Eustace

Michael B. Eustace

Andrew Fink

Caroline Fink

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