Short story collection from award-winning PMHS writers available as Kindle ebook for 99 cents


Just in time for summer reading, a collection of award-winning short stories by Pelham Memorial High School students is now available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon for 99 cents.

The pieces in “Change Happens: Stories of Transformation” were selected from 34 entries in PMHS’s Third Annual Creative Writing Contest. This year, the contest was based on the theme of transformation.

“Students were challenged to write a story depicting how the main character undergoes an experience that changes a significant part of his or her personality,” said English teacher Nicole Wasnetsky, who has coordinated the competition for the past three years. “The winning entries approached the prompt in very different and creative ways, with each writer providing a story that asks readers to consider the people, places and events that have the power to transform us. We are proud of our students for demonstrating their creativity and a skillful use of language to bring their stories to life.”

Here are the winners represented in the Kindle ebook:

  • Grand Prize: Katie O’Connor
  • First Prize: Audrey Levenson
  • Second Prize: Jackson Shampanier-Bowen
  • Second Prize: Jordan Hurd
  • Second Prize: Katie D’Angelo
  • Third Prize: Sorany Campo
  • Honorable Mention: Sofia Cedeno
  • Honorable Mention: Claire Aumer
  • Honorable Mention: Joe DaProcida

Playwright and poet Jennifer O’Grady and novelist Rich Zahradnik, both Pelham residents, served as judges.

In case you missed that link to order the ebook and support young writers, click here.