162 Pelhamites endorse Bowman in Democratic Congressional primary as ‘bold, progressive fighter’

To the editor:

Jamaal Bowman is the bold, progressive fighter that Pelham needs in Congress. That’s why we urge you to join us in voting for him in the Democratic primary on June 23. We are confident that his lived experience as an educator, a father, a champion of racial equality and a community leader suits the needs that this moment demands. And it is our duty as citizens of Pelham to elect him. It’s time for a fresh perspective. There will never be a convenient time to go against the grain. Now is that time.

Unlike our current representative, Bowman has been on the frontlines fighting for our community. In his 20 years as an educator, Bowman founded a middle school, started after-school programs to keep kids safe from gun violence and helped low-income students get into college. It is clear he will be a fierce advocate for our district. He stepped up during the pandemic to support our communities and again as a loud voice for the Black Lives Matter movement. Meanwhile, when his district needed his leadership most, Rep. Eliot Engel was at his home in Maryland. Engel even admitted on camera that he only intended to make a public statement about the recent protests because he was facing a primary challenger.

Our representatives are not entitled to our votes. They have to earn them. After 31 years of serving in Congress, Engel has taken our votes for granted and has lost touch with his community and its values. Despite being in Congress for many years, he lacks a record of actually getting things done to benefit the people of this district. This district still faces egregious inequality that Engel skirts his responsibility for. Bowman’s experiences may not be from atop Capitol Hill, but they come from actually living in low-income housing, being an educator in our schools and helping to raise the next generation.

Jamaal Bowman has earned our votes through his actions, his ability to bring together people-powered coalitions and his vision for what this district and this country can become. We need a champion for NY-16 who knows our values and not only joins the fight, but leads the fight for racial justice, the public education system, Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, prison reform and more.

Pelham has a chance to be part of a movement that capitalizes on this moment in history. Let’s join the fight for equality and justice across the country. If we’re going to live in a country that intends to grant its citizens basic human rights, we need to see change beginning with our government representatives.

We urge you to join us in voting for Bowman by sending in your absentee ballot by June 23, or, if you are comfortable, voting in person. A recent Data for Progress poll shows Bowman holds a 41% to 31% margin over Engel (with 27% undecided), proving that you are not alone in wanting change. Your voice matters, and your vote matters. Our democracy is in trouble, and we need leaders ready to pursue the bold, life-saving policies our district needs.

Others who have endorsed Bowman include the New York Times, the Sunrise Movement, Working Families Party, New York State Nurses Association, the Jewish Vote, MoveOn, New York Communities for Change, Bronx Climate Justice North, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, State Sen. Alessandra Biaggi and more.

Submitted by

Ellen Sciales

270 Highbrook Avenue


Caitlin Wong

412 Fourth Avenue


Christin Abraham

Ehsan Z. Ahmed

Stephan Akichy

Aji Alexander

Melissa Altschiller

George Asokumar

Adam Banfield

Lynda Fajardo Banfield

Allison Barker

Bryson Barnes

Vedika Basavatia

Bela Bhimani-Motwani

Gabby Bhiro

State Sen. Alessandra Biaggi

Christina Biaggi

Lucy Bischof

Robert Bischof

Anna Bowen

Theresa Brasile

Eliza Bratone

Dan Bratone

Greg Bratone

Karin Bratone

Robin Bratone

Ricky Brooks

Anna Calvaruso

Josie Carbone

Tracy Childs

Dritana Cobaj

Edina Cobaj

Sarah Cullen

Tess Darrow

Jordan Davis

Josh Davis

Francesca Di Cristofano

Matthew Di Vitto

Julia Doucette

Henry Driesen

Helen Driesen

Jeremy Driesen

Jennie Driesen

Peter Drumsta

Campbell Fee

Jack Finegan

Nicole Fischbein

Quinn Fluet

Kathryn Fugazy

Megan Furrelle

Maxwell Giantelli

Erin Ginsburg

Gennette Gill

Julia Glickman

Saul Glist

Samuel Goldman

Austin Haight

Jillian Harrison

Georgia Howard

Jack Hopkins

Julianne Hynes

Sarah Jacobson

Annika Jawanda

Audun Jawanda

Benedict Jones

Sinead Joyce-Farley

Olivia Imperato

Sam Imperato

Julia Kavanaugh

Christian Kelling

Emilie Kelly

Isabel Kenny

Tesia Khawaja

Mary Kilfeather

Caitlin Kindig

Nathaniel Koloc

Chloe Krulak

Oliver Krulak

Melissa Labonte

Max Lahn

Lara Lasic

Abbie Leonard

Zachary Leonard

Maddie Leonard

Eve Levin

Francesca M. Lippolis

Julia Loughman

Mary Loughman

Hannah Mackay

Zoe Mackay

Gary Marin

Liz Massie

Violet Massie-Vereker

Agapeo Malecela

Noela Malecela

Maddie Manning

Jonathan Marty

Raffaella Mazzella

Frankie-Ann McCauley

Conor McGoldrick

Michelle Metz

Alicia Migliarini

Astiney Montiel

Erin Moore

Sarah Morgan

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Maria Morrissey

Siddharth Motwani

Emily Nakayama

Nicolette Nesi

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Isabel Orfanoudakis

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Joseph Puchalla

Andy Radvany

Rachel Radvany

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Willie Sciales

Dominique Shuminova

Eldar Shuminov

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