Pelham Troop 1 Scouts start meeting again—in Christ Church field


Pelham Scouts Troop 1 during Memorial Day 2019 commemorations.

Editor’s note: This announcement was submitted by Liam Mead, member of Pelham Troop 1 Scouts and ninth grader at Pelham Memorial High School.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic It has been very difficult to plan any type of in -person group meeting for large organizations in Pelham. As we have learned to live more safely during this pandemic many see this as an opportunity to get back into business.

I am a member of Pelham Troop 1 Scouts, and we are one of these organizations that finally found a way to meet together and to continue our normal routine. We normally meet at Community Church of the Pelhams which is a fantastic space and during normal times works for us perfectly. Due to the challenges of meeting indoors we got permission from Christ Church Pelham to temporarily move over there and use the field next to the Church.

We resumed in-person meetings on Thursday, July 30th on the Christ Church field. When we meet in person we must follow normal guidelines including, a list of attendees for contact tracing, a limited number of attendees, face masks and social distancing. Pelham Troop 1 Scouts will have more meetings in the future and we will have to follow these guidelines for every single meeting. We look forward to a time when we can resume our normal meetings at Community Church of the Pelhams. If any other organizations were to try this they would have to strictly follow the NYS guidelines for their entire group session no matter the area. Other steps that should be taken are that the meetings should be held mainly outside or in a big open area inside. These changes could help other groups and organizations reopen and revive the economy. It doesn’t seem like this pandemic will end anytime soon, but the Scouts can serve as a model for the time being.

Pelham Troop 1 can serve as a viable model for anyone who wishes to start up with in-person meetings depending on their organization. These possibilities could really change the economy from its current state. All of these meetings must be taken with caution and must follow the NYS guidelines correctly to run.