SOOP’s parking-lot production of ‘Heathers’ available for streaming Saturday and Sunday night

SOOP's parking-lot production of 'Heathers' available for streaming Saturday and Sunday night

Editor’s note: This press release was provided by the SOOP Theatre Co.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, artists and local theatre have been affected dramatically by the restrictions of mask wearing and social distancing. However, SOOP Theatre Company on Fifth Ave in Pelham has found a creative way to still showcase young talent on stage: Theatre in the Park…ing Lot! For the past four weeks, SOOP has been working with high school students to put together its first ever socially distanced, outdoor production of Heathers: The Musical (High School Edition)! Come tune in on to reserve online seats for the premiere of Heathers this Saturday, October 24th (track 1) and again on Sunday, October 25th (track 2)! 

The Pelham educational theatre held auditions and rehearsals at the 530 Studios on Fifth Ave with strict guidelines, including fresh air flow, mask wearing and social distancing to keep the actors, crew, and community of Pelham safe. For the first time ever, the hybrid high school and college student cast worked tremendously hard for four weeks to provide an authentic yet safe production of a beloved fan-favorite show. The dual-cast production saw Vanessa Rosado and Caitlin Winston take on the role of Veronica Sawyer, a shy senior who takes on the clique of the Heathers, portrayed by Charlotte Moore, Ava Pedorella, Ava Pursel, Katy Lange, and Allie Feldman. The first ever SOOP Fall production to offer roles to college students saw the return of SOOP veteran Bennett Safsel as Ram Sweeney, his first role back with SOOP ever since Spring Awakening. 

Tickets are now available for purchase for Heathers: The Musical (High School Edition), presented by SOOP Theatre Company!