McGreal candidate statement for Pelham trustee: Community’s kids are inspiration for running

Editor’s note: This statement was provided by Kim McGreal, Democratic candidate for the Village of Pelham Board of Trustees.

Kim McGreal

I have never run for political office before, so I step forward now with enormous gratitude to the Pelham residents who have served before me and paved the way. We are all short of time and energy; volunteering to fill an elected office is a big commitment, and (in my case anyway) a nerve-wracking decision! I’d like you to know a bit about me as I ask for your support for myself and my running-mates as Village of Pelham Trustees.

I’ve lived in the Village of Pelham since 2007. My most important role is as a mom to twins, Grace and Joe, who are Hutchinson lifers and are currently seniors at PMHS. I’ve been active in many local nonprofits, including the Junior League, PTA, SEPTA and as a class-parent. I spearheaded the “Welcome to Hutchinson” initiative at our elementary school to welcome new families and to introduce them to Pelham in a pressure-free environment. I’m lucky enough to have landed my dream job at Siwanoy Elementary, where I get to work with our community’s amazing, inspiring kids.

Those kids are the inspiration for my candidacy. I love them, I love Pelham, and I feel a strong pull to do everything I can to assure the best environment for them and for all of our neighbors. Our Village depends on residents just like me making room to participate in local government, and with my kids a bit older now I feel able to contribute. I think a key qualification for local government is being a good collaborator, and I feel that I am. I am a peacekeeper and a cheerleader. I think groups succeed by focusing on finding solutions acceptable to all more than decisions that are right for some, and wrong for others—a dynamic it’s all too easy to get caught up in, these days. I value input from the entire range of Pelham stakeholders, kids to seniors, new renters to long-time established homeowners, retirees to (especially) business operators facing unprecedented challenges in a pandemic. We have always made it through working together, and we will this time too.

I am passionate about maintaining the Pelham we love while also growing, guiding and improving the Pelham we have. I believe great ideas come from a lot of participation and I look forward to hearing from neighbors of all backgrounds and party affiliations. If we were able to campaign normally, I’d be at your door giving my brief spiel, but mostly I’d be asking questions: What do you want from your Board of Trustees? What are your current concerns about our Village? I welcome that input now, too. Please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

Pelham is doing well, and I am committed to addressing our community’s concerns while also focusing on my own priorities of supporting children’s needs and local businesses. I ask for your support, your vote, and your involvement in local government as we move forward together.