Village of Pelham police blotter: Nov. 17-23

Village of Pelham police blotter: Nov. 17-23

Nov. 17

Officer Dinapoli responded to a call on Third Avenue at 3 a.m. about a woman saying that her husband was intoxicated, waking everyone up, trying to enter the locked bedroom of her residence, and talking about taking their children to Kenya. The officer did not enter, for all parties were diagnosed with Covid-19, and confirmed the man’s intoxication. The woman thought her husband was an alcoholic, and the man then offered to stay at a hotel for the night. A taxi picked him up, but later he was said to have left the taxi not too far from the residence, and police found him outside of the home once again. He was taken to a hotel in New Rochelle.

Nov. 19

Officer Baerga was dispatched for a welfare check after a man received a call from his friend and said he did not sound good, most likely due to his recent divorce. Upon arrival he saw the man inside the house, but he didn’t open the door until he received a call on his landline from the police station. Police were let in through the side door and the man was drunk, slurring his speech, and unsteady on his feet. A bottle of vodka was found on the floor 3/4 empty, after it was confirmed that his children were with their mother, the man was transported to the hospital by an ambulance.

Nov. 20

Officer O’Connor responded to a call about a narcotics overdose in a residence on Third Avenue, upon arrival the officer noticed the man was unconscious and was not breathing. The officer administered two shots of Narcan, after which the man started to breath and had a strong pulse but remained unconscious. Officers then moved the man into the recovery position and waited for EMS to arrive to take him to Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital.

Nov. 21

Officer Bellantoni was dispatched a residence on Lincoln Avenue, where he found a husband and wife having a particularly loud verbal altercation concerning their relationship in their apartment. The female left the home and later confirmed to officers that the fight was only verbal, not physical. Upon her return the man said that he would stay with his brother for the night.

Nov. 23

There was a complaint about two men exiting the scene of a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway. The witness overheard them talking about stripping car parts and cleaning the vehicle for fingerprints. Police observed two males that matched the description walking on Second Street, and they seemed to be trying to conceal something. Officer Dinapoli and Sergeant Carden then drew their firearms from their holsters, held both parties at gunpoint, and gave them commands to hold their hands above their heads and get on their knees. Both men refused the officers’ commands and one attempted to run from them before being tripped and pulled to the ground by Officer Dinapoli. They were both handcuffed, detained, and turned over to the Westchester County Police Department after being identified.