10 new Covid-19 infections reported in Pelham’s two villages on Monday


Pelham Manor added six new Covid-19 infections Monday, while Village Pelham residents reported four, according to data on Westchester County’s tracking dashboard.

The following table contains the data for the two villages culled from the dashboard:

Pelham Manor active cases (14 days)Pelham Manor new casesPelham Manor cumulative casesPelham active cases (14 days)Pelham new casesPelham cumulative cases

Village of Pelham Mayor Chance Mullen issued a statement Monday: “It’s been many months since we’ve seen a spike as clear and pronounced as this current one. Additionally, the governor confirmed yesterday that New York State has seen its first positive case of the new coronavirus strain identified in the UK, which is believed to be more contagious than previous strains. Please stay safe. Maintain social distance, wear a mask when out in public or interacting with others outside your family unit and continue to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer regularly.”