Dance classes for disabled move online during pandemic, forming Human Illustration

Sarah Greene moved her dance classes for disabled people at Saratoga Bridges in Ballston Springs online because of the global pandemic, founding Human Illustration, a website to bring dance to individuals with disabilities during the health crisis.

“Once I found out that my dance class at Saratoga Bridges would be cut short in February, I knew I had to find a way to continue teaching my students,” Greene said. “The sheer joy they experienced was something special. Although I could no longer be with them in person, I took a moment to evaluate my resources. A computer and myself is all I needed to create Human Illustration.”

Human Illustration offers a 12-week program. All dance classes are pre-recorded. Once registered, participants receive a code weekly that brings them to the dance video. Each class runs for about one hour, and participants don’t need any previous experience in dance to join. Human Illustration is committed to giving students with disabilities a high caliber experience that will allow them to reach their fullest potential and be proud of who they are everyday.

“I envision a big and bright future for Human Illustration,” said Greene. “My goal is to share Human Illustration with as many disabled individuals as possible. I want all my students to have autonomy in their learning and grow in all facets of their lives from the joy that movement provides.”

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