Pelham Manor GOP village board doubles Facebook announcements after opponents declare, says candidate Koonce

Graphic and data analysis by Democratic trustee candidate Lance Koonce.

Graphic and data analysis by Democratic trustee candidate Lance Koonce.

The Republican-controlled Village of Pelham Manor Board of Trustees has doubled the frequency of its Facebook communications since three opponents announced in January they would challenge the three GOP incumbents, according to a Facebook post by Democratic trustee candidate Lance Koonce

The rate of posts outpaces “their communications even during the worst of Covid last spring,” Koonce wrote. “We view this as a sign that our campaign is already having positive results by prompting the current board to become more engaged (if belatedly) with the community.”

Republican Trustee Maurice Owen-Michaane said in a Facebook response that after he was he elected in September, “I took on village community engagement and communications to make it more robust, dynamic and far reaching, including: 1) Covid-19 hub, 2) more dynamic posts with visuals, 3) increased communications frequency to keep residents up to date on an array of issues and topics, 4) increased platforms of communications and access to meetings, including thru Facebook Live, Viemo and Cablevision, 5) searchable E-code online, 6) more robust public documents section, 7) use of Google analytics on our website to focus on what residents really focus on and deem important as a means to deliver more information they want, 7) retained a new web design company to provide a complete overhaul to the 2019 web design (currently in progress)—just to name a few.”

Democratic mayoral candidate Ramsey McGrory and trustee candidates Andrea Ziegelman and Koonce are running against Republican Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey and trustees Angela Michele DeLillo and Joseph Senerchia.

In one of the recent Pelham Manor press releases, a Feb. 17 statement, the village said it “continues working to address the challenges Covid-19 poses to all residents, including our children and educators. Today, Mayor Lapey spoke with Superintendent Cheryl Champ and Board of Education President Jessica DeDomenico.”

What was discussed was not disclosed in the four-sentence announcement.

Based on a review of the Pelham Examiner’s digital archives of press releases, Pelham Manor had not before said Lapey reached out to school district officials during the previous 11 months of the pandemic.

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