Pelham Police: Recruiting underrepresented members of community

Editor’s note: This press release was provided by the Village of Pelham.

The Village of Pelham is preparing to ratify its Action Plan to ensure racial equity in our local policing efforts. A key recommendation made by the Steering Committee on Policing and Inclusion was to better publicize Civil Service examination dates, since these examinations typically only happen once every four years and are required for all potential candidates. We are working with the Westchester County Chiefs of Police Association and the Westchester County Department of Human Resources to ensure this information is widely available. We also plan to share this information periodically throughout the month of March, and we encourage residents to share with any residents who may be interested in applying for future positions in the police department.  Female and BIPOC Pelham residents are strongly encouraged to sign up for an examination.  Call the Pelham Police Department at (914) 738-2000 to see if you qualify for a scholarship to receive FREE study guides & 5 hour Zoom course with Police Tutorial Service Inc.