Swedish newspaper to follow Pelham Examiner model for publishing community paper


The local newspaper Bjäre nu, which covers the Cape Bjäre region in Sweden, is planning to move to a Pelham Examiner-like student-run model for editing and publishing a paper that serves the communities on the cape.

Michael Werner, a newspaper owner and chairman of publishing technology-investment company NewAIgency in Stockholm, heard of the Examiner and contacted the paper to learn how it was set up and operates as Pelham’s primary news source.

Cape Bjare “is a rural farmer area but very expensive since they have two villages attracting wealthy people during the summer time,” said Werner. “Båstad is one and has been famous for its tennis tournaments during the Swedish tennis era. So (the paper) covers absolutely everything happening in its divided reality. Farming and upper class lifestyle.”

The pin marks Cape Bjäre in Sweden.