129 back Manor Democrats as ‘highly qualified, accomplished professionals ready to lead in local government’

To the editor:

Pelham Manor is facing an important election on March 16. We are writing in support of the Democratic/Pelham Manor Forward candidates Ramsey McGrory (mayor), Andrea Ziegelman (trustee) and Lance Koonce (trustee).

Ramsey, Andrea and Lance are highly qualified, accomplished professionals ready to lead in local government. They have deep roots in Pelham Manor, are raising families here and value Pelham Manor’s traditions. At the same time, they bring a fresh perspective and have studied other communities to identify best practices, many not currently used, to make our community even stronger.

Their proposed plans promise a more vibrant community and more responsive local government. They will make it easier to know where our tax dollars are going, to get involved and to communicate ideas. They will engage in long-term, strategic fiscal planning to deal with infrastructure needs while minimizing taxes. They will modernize communications so that the information we need—about our trash and recycling schedules, meeting schedules, budget and local works—is easily available and understandable. They are focused on invigorating Pelham Manor with economic development, arts and environmental initiatives. They are excited about improving pedestrian safety, noise abatement and coordination with neighboring areas. And they stand with every Pelham Manor resident to promote the highest standards of ethics and inclusion. (These plans and more are on their website PelhamManorForward.com.)

Ramsey, Andrea and Lance have the experience and commitment to make those plans a reality. They have, collectively, decades of service in local organizations, have distinguished themselves in their professions—Andrea and Lance in law and nonprofit, and Ramsey in business, technology and military service—and have shown leadership in local and regional nonprofits. We know they have the skills and desire to bring our residents together to collaborate on solutions.

Their campaign represents a commitment to transparency, inclusion and responsiveness. Ramsey, Andrea and Lance have met with and sought the opinions of hundreds of residents to understand what is most important to voters. They have combed through municipal details from Pelham and other towns to determine best practices in local government and budgeting. They have provided constructive comments in the state-mandated policing review. They have brought to light serious questions about current spending on lobbyists and lawsuits. And they have held numerous open and accessible meetings to bring people together to discuss ideas.

We believe our village is wonderful, and we believe it could be even better. We ask you to join us in making that happen, by voting for Ramsey McGrory, Andrea Ziegelman and Lance Koonce on March 16 at the village firehouse, 4 Penfield Place, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Kate Pringle

26 Suburban Ave.


Michelle Acosta

Ehsad Amed

Elizabeth and Jason Alderman

Tami and Jon Altschiller

Nandini Anandu

Andrea and David Archibald

Abby and Evan Balafas

Gareth Barr

William Bassell

Maia Benson

Marie Bowes

Tom Bricker

Scott Brown

Brendan Cahill

John and Maria Calvelli

Alicia Carmona

Michael Casey

Michael Clain

Tracie and Jason Cohen

Seth Cohn

Tina Constable

Amy Conway

Tim Creutz

Mary Crotty

Chris D’Angelo

Christina Day

Veronica and Miles Dennison

Eva Dietz

Wendy Dougherty

Allison Douglass

Amy Dunkin

Christine and John Elliott

Susan and Scott Ely

Melissa Meeker Eustace

Joanna and Michael Fanuele

Mark and Cindy Finegan

Steven Flanders

Leroy Frazer

Allison Frost

Marijane and Richard Funess

Adam and Jennifer Gerber

Dafne Ginn

Michael Ginn

Chiara and Justin Goodyear

Kenneth Gusciora

Alexander Gusciora

Tiffany Herbert

Blair Hecht

Kathryn and Michael Herrington

John W. Higgins

Livia Higgins

Jeremy Hlavecek

Jeff Hoeh

Peter Hoffmann

Rose Horley

Laura Hupprich

Carol and Erik Ipsen

Bill Jacobs

Kim and Edgar Jaimes

Prasad Jallepalli

Sarah and Jason Jeffries

Garrett and Cynthia M. Jenkins

Laura and Max Kalehoff

Elise King

Darius Kingsley

Bill and Patricia Knickerbocker

Karen Kringle

Orin Kurland

Melissa Labonte

Jeannine LaManna

Romina and Jerry Levy

Dan Livingstone

Sara and Larry Mallach

Aarti Manasingh

Toby Marxuach-Gusciora

John McCormick

Tracey McFarland

Kara McLoughlin

Joe Meehan

Michael Middleton

Mariette and Tom Morrissey

Kristy Mount

Mollie Mulholland

Lou Muller

Sanjay Naik

Tifenn and Salvador Navarro

Peggy Nicholson

Jennifer O’Connor

Laura O’Sullivan

Maria Panullo

Joan and Michael Paradis

Jen and Jesse Parker

Craig Parnelle

Lauren Perkins

Tara and Christopher Petrillo

Samantha Post

Eruaters Bernard Powers

Deb Puchalla

Julio Ramirez

Kimberely and Adam Riegel

Colleen and Matthew Ring

Jennifer Rohr

Becky and Thomas Ross

Lyn Roth-Jacobs

Sylvia Rowe

Paul Safsel

Steven Sallee

Alexy Scholl

Meredith Shea

Andrea Syracuse-Silverstein

Randy Silverstein

Norma Simon

Elsa Simo

Anna Simonsen-Meehan

Allison and Thomas Tam

Michael Teitelbaum

Dana and Sydney Thayer

Adam Torres

Michael Treanor

William Tsang

Emily and Preveen Venugopal

Tara and Alex Wieshaupl

Caden Williamson

Deborah Winstead

Erica Winter

Dec Wojciech

Sarah Yarnell

Moneeka Zaman