207 cite Miller’s work on strategic plan, state aid in supporting her reelection to school board

To the editor:

We write to urge our fellow Pelham voters to support Eileen Miller’s bid for reelection to the board of education. Collectively, we have known and served with Miller on the Friends of the Town of Pelham Public Library, Pelham Together, PTA Council, site-based council, the Pelham Education Foundation and have worked with her as a Novel Night host, among other community-based organizations and projects. We all strongly believe that Miller has served the Town of Pelham well during her time on the board of education.

She ran for the school board in 2018 because she wanted to be involved in the second strategic plan, after being on the committee that worked on the first strategic plan in 2015. She was chairwoman of the strategic planning committee, which produced an updated plan that is student-focused and representative of the many voices in our town who care about our schools—the students, teachers, staff and neighbors. She has also worked on the advocacy and community outreach committee, which resulted in a commitment to full foundation state aid funding over the next three years—aid that had been funded at about 50% for years.

Miller is thoughtful, respectful, organized, responsible, an excellent listener and fair-minded. Miller has no personal or private agenda; her only reason for running for reelection is to continue to contribute her energies, intellect, business acumen and common sense to the board of education. Miller has an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and understands how to assess the district’s financials and make fiscally-responsible decisions that will propel us forward. Perhaps equally importantly, Miller has the ability to spend the enormous amounts of time that serving on the board of education requires.

We know that Miller will not pre-judge, will set aside her personal preferences for the good of the community, will hear out all of the arguments before making a decision and is able to collaborate, share and disagree while always being polite and kind.  We understand that the present board of education is very collaborative, and that Miller has worked well with her colleagues.

Miller is diligent and hardworking and has shown throughout the past three years that she is also capable of making difficult decisions.

She is exactly what the Pelham community needs at this time. Please join us in supporting her and vote on May 18 for Eileen Miller for the Pelham Board of Education.

Judy Shampanier

263 Pelhamdale Ave.


Annemarie Garcia

Jose Garcia

Nandini Anandu

Sanjay Naik

Linda Woodward

Ken Woodward

Ethan Miller

Joshua Miller

Jennifer Volpe

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