‘Last Chance U: Basketball’ offers engaging true story for young athletes and sports fans


“Last Chance U: Basketball” is a documentary series about a group of talented basketball players who went largely unnoticed throughout their basketball careers. The true story, featured on Netflix, centers around the players’ interactions with a coach who truly cares about them and their futures, and offers them one “last chance” to make it big.

The fact that the show tells a true story draws viewers in and engages them in a way that fictional films sometimes can’t. The story will resonate with any athlete who knows that players grow together and bond with their team like a family, no matter how incredibly or badly they perform.

“Last Chance U: Basketball” is not just another rags-to-riches basketball story. It’s about real people facing different personal challenges and problems in their lives. The byplay between the players and their coach on the basketball court was interesting, but I found myself even more captivated by the struggles that these gifted athletes faced off the court. 

Each episode allowed the viewers to feel more connected to the players. I began to appreciate the sense of safety and family that the team and coach afforded the players. Audiences will find themselves rooting for each of the athletes as the show continues, not just when they have a ball in their hands. Deshaun Highler is one of these more likable players in the show because of his endless amount of energy dedication to hard work. He was always a great team leader, athlete and individual.

If there is a flaw with the documentary, it’s that it left me wanting more. It became personal. I hoped for the best every episode, and it was over in only eight.

In comparison to its football-focused counterpart, the original “Last Chance U,” “Last Chance U: Basketball” is actually not as well-structured. Although “Last Chance U” focused a bit too heavily on background information, I found that the newer series did not include enough.

I would rate “Last Chance U: Basketball” a 9/10 because of the show’s ability to make viewers feel connected to every cast member. It was very well directed, and I definitely recommend watching.

Grade: A-