Snapshot: 10 who were awarded tenure Wednesday by school board


This year’s tenure recipients: Jim Hricay, Lisa DiCeglio, Paige Hefter, Yutong (Daisy) He, Samantha Horn, Linda Haynes, Leilani Ruprich, Fran Corelli, Sean Llewellyn and Jeannine Carr with Dr. Cheryl Champ, superintendent of schools, and Jessica DeDomenico, school board president.

The Pelham Board of Education awarded tenure Wednesday to 10 teachers, teaching assistants and administrators:


  • Frances Corelli
  • Paige Hefter
  • Leilani Ruprich
  • Lisa DiCeglio
  • Yutong (Daisy) He
  • Samantha Horn

Teaching Assistant

  • Linda Haynes


  • Jeannine Carr
  • James Hricay
  • Sean Llewellyn