Photos galore: Pelham Olympics hosted by Civics back in a BIG way

The Pelham Olympics 2021 were held Saturday, with more than 150 students in grades K-5 competing in fun activities and games. The Olympics are an annual event hosted by the Pelham Civics Association, with nine activities for the participants to enter, plus an inflatable slide and bouncy house at the end.

The participants were organized into groups by age, with each group starting out at a different station. The stations were a running race, potato-sack race, shooting on a soccer goalkeeper, tug of war, long jump, a baker’s dozen game, football toss, frisbee toss and an obstacle course. A large number of Pelhamites volunteered to help make the day a great success. At the end, every participant received a medal, with trophies going to the first, second and third place finishers in the running races.