Manor Club completes $100,000 roof repair funded by member gifts, state grant


Editor’s note: This press release was provided by the Manor Club.

Pelham, NY – The Manor Club announced completion of a $100,000 roof repair project funded by member and community donations to a Take a Seat campaign and a $50,000 NY state grant received through the assistance of Assemblyperson Amy Paulin.

The Take a Seat campaign, which is continuing and open to the community, asks a $500 donation for a name plaque to be placed on a seat in the 300-seat theater in The Manor Club building on the Esplanade in Pelham Manor.

Phase One of the Roof Repair Project was completed to solve water leaks over the theater stage. Experts determined that the source of the water leaks came from the smoke vent and the area of the roof surrounding it. A smoke vent is required by state and local codes, and it is the initial step to undertake our Roof Repair Project that was completed this August. The area around the roof has been repaired and a new smoke vent has been installed and successfully tested.

“We are very thankful to our Take a Seat campaign donors and to Assemblyperson Paulin for the funding of this project,” said past president Alice Dean who oversaw the project. “We are also thankful to TMC members Chris Cowan, Sheila Cameron, Ann Rende and Carla DeGaetano for the roles they played in the success of this complex project.”

“The Manor Club’s theater is a hidden gem in our community,” Ms. Dean added. “Let the shows go on.”

Two of The Manor Club’s own comedy productions are scheduled Nov. 12-14 and Feb. 18-20. A Comedy Night and Magic Show are also planned. Information on rental of the theater is available by calling 914-738-1528.