Progressive Women of Pelham calls on trustees to vote ‘no’ on four new garbage trucks


Editor’s note: This press release was provided by the Progressive Women of Pelham.

On Tuesday, September 14th, the Village of Pelham’s Board of Trustees will hold a final vote on an issue that will impact not just Village residents, but the larger community, and indeed, the planet.  We urge all Trustees to consider their legacies and our common future and vote NO on the purchase of 4 new diesel garbage trucks.

As so many in our community have recently experienced with Hurricane Ida, climate disruption is the greatest threat to us all. And it’s not existential – it’s here, now, as too many of us have learned so painfully of late.

So why would the Village be considering the purchase of vehicles which are intended for use over the next 20 years when they will have such a demonstrably deleterious impact on carbon emissions (not to mention local air quality)? Why the rush to purchase them when other better options are out there? Especially when working alternatives have been proposed by the Village’s own Sustainability Advisory Board and the Climate Smart Communities Task Force?

This is not the forward-thinking leadership we had hoped for from the Board of Trustees.

Please call the Village Board of Trustees at (914) 738-2015 and attend the board meeting via Zoom on Tuesday to protect our town and our planet by urging the Trustees to vote NO on this measure.

Join by Telephone: (929) 205-6099

Meeting ID: 989 1740 9392

Passcode:  030699