No to public pool at Franklin Field: school district, town

To the editor:

We write to express our appreciation to Michael Treanor for his suggestion to build a community pool on Franklin Field, and, importantly, his desire to bring children from all areas of our town together. Following the recent public comment session, we met to review this proposal and discuss whether such a plan would be feasible. While we admire the creativity and thoughtfulness of building a community swimming pool, we unanimously agree that the loss of valuable green space such as Franklin Field is not in the best interests of the town and school district.

As many residents know, all of our fields and greenspace, including Franklin Field, are heavily used by a variety of recreation, travel and school programs during the fall, spring and summer. These include school recess, soccer, lacrosse and day camps, among other activities.

The Town of Pelham, recreation department and school district share the goal of bringing students from all four elementary schools to establish friendships before they enter middle school. Ways in which this is accomplished include Pelham Little League, Pelham youth lacrosse, Pelham youth football and Pelham youth soccer, which mix students from the four elementary schools. The summer camps offered by the recreation department also include children from all over town.

The Pelham Public Schools have sought to further this experience by planning a Kindergarten playdate prior to the beginning of school, an inclusive first-grade event, and a joint field day with all fifth grade students across all four schools. Further, the new Hutchinson Elementary School was designed with the intent of being enjoyed by the entire community and will serve as the home for district-wide academic celebrations, arts programming and other inclusive events in the near future.

As leaders within the Pelham community, we continue to appreciate the creative ideas of all residents and pledge to keep working together to provide opportunities for children to grow and flourish within this wonderful town.

Dan McLaughlin

Pelham Town Supervisor

Town Hall

34 Fifth Ave,


Michael Ianuzzi

Superintendent of Pelham Recreation

Daronco Town House

20 Fifth Ave.


Jessica DeDomenico

Board of Education President

18 Franklin Place


Dr. Cheryl H. Champ

Superintendent of Schools

18 Franklin Place