‘Hype House’ docuseries on Netflix isn’t as bad as it may sound


In 2019, viral Tik Tok stars moved in together in California to collaborate on video content for Tik Tok and YouTube. These teenagers, who became instant and overnight hits, named their new mansion the Hype House. Through this, these Tik Tok stars became influencers; gaining tens of millions of followers on multiple platforms.

When they joined together to create better content, their popularity and fame grew immensely. Over the past years since the Hype House’s start, many Tik Tokers left the house, specifically the more popular and famous ones. While those who still live in the house remain friends with those who left, the house is struggling to stay afloat without them. 

“Hype House,” a Netflix reality show, takes us along with the members as they try to come together once again to create the content they had in the past. Not only do they struggle to do this, the members struggle with personal issues, relationship problems and stardom. While taking a walk in these stars’ shoes, we learn what it is like to be an influencer and the challenges that come along with the attention. 

When I clicked “watch now” for the “Hype House” on Netflix, I started it with very low expectations. But I certainly surprised. This was an easy show to binge watch, and it was unexpectedly entertaining. I learned so much about these internet stars that I would have never known.

Almost every single member of the house had a traumatic childhood, either with family passing away, getting kicked out of the house or having abusive parents. This is not one of my favorite shows on Netflix, and watching it once was enough. But I would recommend it to the followers of these influencers or those who want to learn more about them. It was interesting to understand and learn what the members of the Hype House have gone through to get to where they are today. 

Grade: B-