Residents endorse De Angelis for school board because of her strategic leadership in fully reopening schools

To the editor:

We are writing to express our support for Jackie De Angelis for board of education. We want the community to know what we have seen first-hand: that Jackie has the skills and commitment to work with parents, administrators and the community to benefit all of Pelham’s students.

Last winter, parents were faced with many challenges; students were struggling with the pandemic’s impact on learning, mental health, and social and emotional development. Parents were frustrated, and they were worried that our district was not yet planning for a full reopening. This ignited a fire within Jackie, and she acted.

Jackie helped organize more than 500 parents to advocate for a plan to return our children to school full time. Her advocacy led to the creation of the full-time in-person task force and ultimately the Covid oversight committee by the district. Jackie was an active member of both and quickly emerged as a strategic leader. The work of these committees led to the successful reopening of full-time learning in mid-spring 2021.

It was a moment that could have devolved into arguing and divisiveness; instead, Jackie played a key role in leading positive change. She organized parents to share their experiences and engage in constructive advocacy. She ensured that discussions were productive and respectful of differing concerns. She immersed herself in the science and health advice. And she joined with the administration and other parents to plan and implement the successful return to full in-person instruction.  She also stuck with it—she continues to serve on the Covid oversight committee so that our schools remain healthy and supportive places for our children and has advocated for the continuance of this committee to meet the ongoing needs of our children due to losses (social, emotional and academic) due to Covid-19.

Jackie is running to ensure that all Pelham students have the academic and emotional support they need to thrive. She is a scientist, a strategic business leader, an effective listener and communicator, a caring parent and a devoted member of the Pelham community. We have worked with Jackie or seen her work in action. We know that, above all, she can bring people together to forge solutions for all of Pelham’s students.

You can learn more about Jackie’s priorities at Please join us in supporting her in the May 17 school board election.

Kristen Bowes Burke

148 Elderwood Ave.

along with:

Renee Anckner

Dr. Pamela Argiriadi

Dr. Jeffrey Bonanno

Theresa Pignone Bunyan

Sidney Burke

Jessyka Calzolaio

Tanya D’Agostino

Xaira Ferrara

Donna Gammon

Chiara Goodyear

Danielle Gretz

Noam Gretz

Lynn Roth Jacobs

Dr. Bill Jacobs

Laura Kalehoff

Katy Krassner

John McCormick

Dr. Daniel Nicastri

Stephanie Otero

Jared Otero

Cheri Pitamber

Dr. Theresa Pondok

Kate Pringle

Kevin Ritchie

Jennifer Solimine Pelosi

Jessica Solomon

Russell Solomon

Tara Weishaupl

Dr. Moneeka Zaman