Summer at Pelham Art Center: Art workshops, classes and youth camps


Editor’s note: This press release was provided by the Pelham Art Center. The Pelham Examiner publishes press releases in the form received as a service to the community.

Registration is now open for Pelham Art Center’s Summer 2022 semester. Classes and workshops will cover a wide variety of art techniques and media. Pelham Art Center classes are immersive creative experiences led by professional teaching artists. Each class introduces an artistic medium in depth through guided projects suited to artists of all skill levels. Complete class details and registration can be found at Summer 2022 courses are as follows:

Adult/High-School Classes

  • Create with Collage with Nancy Nikkal – Mondays 1:00 – 3:30pm (July 11th – August 15th)

Collage with a variety of papers, media and adhesives while discussing art theory and history

Visualize and record the world in and around you with colorful watercolor expressions

  • Morning Ceramics with Jeanne Carreau – Tuesdays 9:30am-12:30pm (July 12th – August 16th)

Students with prior experience can continue advancing their ceramics skills

  • Sensational Slab! with Judith Weber – Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm (July 12th – August 16th)

Learn slab construction to create plates, trays, decorative sculptural work and more.

Create an accurate portrait likeness by approaching each feature of the face individually

Learn the classical approach to drawing a portrait from a live model.

Learn the classical method of painting a still life with oils through a step-by-step layering process.

Explore color, form, light, shadow and composition in this class for all levels.

Create a realistic three-dimensional drawing through guided still life exercises.

Get more studio time for your own projects and share the workspace with other artists!

Paint from life and develop oil painting and portraiture skills

Youth Art Classes

Explore the elements of design and delve into 2D art, collage, paper sculpture, wire, and wood.

Make amazing abstract digital paintings using Pelham Art Center’s new iPads and Apple Pencils!

Create colorful pages featuring characters based on American and Japanese graphic novels.

Bring your toys to life with the magic of stop motion animation using Pelham Art Center’s new iPads!

Children & Teen Week-Long Camps & Classes

Sign up for week-long art experiences! Mix and match to explore different art media and spend the summer making masterpieces. Each week, a supervised lunch break is available for campers from 12:00-1:00pm for an additional $30 fee.

Week of July 11th-15th

Learn to create like a programmer using MIT Media Lab’s free programming software Scratch!

Use various forms of clay and mixed media techniques to make one-of-a-kind creations.

Play with printmaking, mixed media, painting, sculpture, and collage while we learn about famous artists!

Design and create your own portfolio using free digital platforms; learn best practices for archiving your works.

Build, sculpt and design in 3D using clay, plaster, wood and other unusual supplies!

Investigate a subject of your choosing through sketching and watercolor as we learn basic techniques.


Week of July 18-22

Train your eye and explore creative approaches to the art of photography using your DSLR camera.

Create your favorite creatures through mixed media projects utilizing sculpture, painting, collage and more!

Paint spontaneously, explore texture, mark making and ways of seeing in this energetic and experimental class.

Dive into the basics of 3D sculpting maquettes and action figures using Nomad.

Draw, layer and combine a variety of art materials to create unique works of art.


Week of July 25-29

Create a colorful mosaic portrait of yourself or any subject using the digital art program Procreate.

Oh, the places you’ll go during this fun-filled week of Dr. Seuss mixed media projects!

Learn the art of Paper Mache to make sculptures of your favorite creatures or anything you can imagine!

Apply basic art techniques in Adobe Photoshop to make landscape, characters, story illustrations & more.

Learn the history of printmaking and traditional techniques including relief, stenciling, monotypes, and more.


Week of August 1–5

Learn the basics of Minecraft game modification, altering bitmaps and light javascript coding.

Create and perform with handmade, recycled musical instruments: drums, rain sticks, tambourines, and more!

Learn about different artists and art movements, and create unique mini-masterpieces in different styles.

Join The Nerdy Duo for this hands-on exploration of short films, and bring your film concepts to life!

Discover contemporary female artists & their contributions to art history, then recreate their work in your own way.

Week of August 8-12

Jump into the world of digital art and design using illustration software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketchbook.

Create art inspired by nature using natural found objects, unconventional tools, and a variety of art materials.

Read wonderful works of children’s literature and create original works of art using a variety of media.

Learn advanced Photoshop tools and animation techniques to create short animations!

Delve into many different ways of using acrylic paint, from thin washes and transparent glazes to thick impasto.


Week of August 15-19

Learn about artists from different art movements and create inspired artworks, play games and make music.

Travel the universe, learn about space, and create 2D as well as 3D space-related mixed media projects.

Become a Graphic Designer! Projects include: calendars, t-shirts, logos, layout, typography and more!

Learn the age-old, intricate Asian art of Origami! Create bookmarks, origami mobiles, animals, stars and more!

Week of August 22-26

Explore cultures and exotic locales from around the world by making fun art and creative movement.

Try hand-building techniques such as coiling, pinching and slab building to create several surface designs.

Cover the basics of 3D modeling and printing using Nomad Sculpt to transform 2D images into 3D extrusions.

Take an artistic journey through Mexico by creating a variety of folk art projects designed to expand art skills.

Be an art scientist! Make paint, slimes, crystals, bath bombs, art and more, with the power of chemistry!


Week of August 29- September 2

Explore artistic techniques with the freedom to authentically self-express through art and movement.