Likes pool suggested for Franklin Field: ‘When can I go swimming?’

To the editor:

The proposed town pool looks beautiful. When can I go swimming?

Pelham has long needed a town pool such as those in other small municipalities in Westchester. I well remember a proposal that would have placed a town pool in Shore Park. Back in the 1970s, the Village of Pelham Manor Board of Trustees held a referendum for Manor residents. The issue was whether Shore Park should be opened to all Town of Pelham residents. The referendum failed for reasons not necessarily to the credit of Manor residents of that era. There have been proposals for a swimming facility at the high school which failed to get official support as being a burden on the taxpayers. The present proposal is a perfect fit for Pelham. The pool would be paid for by users, centrally located with abundant parking, a source of employment for teenagers and a capital asset for every homeowner in Pelham. But most importantly, it would provide outdoor recreation for all.

Historically and to this day, Pelham has offered outdoor recreation to one group of people—people who can run fast. The town pool would be a boon to those people but also to infants, toddlers, middle-aged parents, senior citizens and special needs people. It would provide outdoor recreation for all.

Joan Cornell

622 Pelhamdale Ave.