Agrees it’s long past time for Pelham to have public pool

To the editor:

I write in strong support of the initiative to bring a public pool to Pelham. Unlike many other municipalities in Westchester, Pelham has very few public amenities. Although a “Sound Shore” town, those of us who live in the Village of Pelham, assuming we do not belong to the New York Athletic Club, have no access to the water, since we are not allowed to use Shore Park.

Many neighboring municipalities have beaches and/or public pools, including Larchmont, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, Scarsdale and others.

Unless one belongs to a private club, or has a yard big enough for a private pool, we have nowhere to swim in Pelham, nowhere that children (and adults) can learn to swim or enjoy the benefits of swimming as exercise. Willson’s Woods, while nearby, has no swimming area or lap lanes. Children enrolled in the Pelham Recreation summer program get bussed all the way up to Saxon Woods in White Plains for a few hours at the pool.

There have been several articles in the paper recently pointing out equity issues related to access to pools and swimming lessons, see “It’s Going to Be a Hot Summer. It Will Be Hotter if You’re Not Rich” and “Swimming Wasn’t for Us.” Other articles point out the life or death nature of this issue: “Parents with pools turn to survival swimming to keep kids safe….”

Seems like every other day we read a story about someone drowning in the Rockaways. We have equity and access issues close to home here in Pelham, some of which would be addressed with a pool open to all.

While some may say we need every inch of field space for children playing youth sports, I believe that other folks in town also need and deserve recreational opportunities. A town pool would benefit all Pelhamites, those too young for youth sports, those too old for youth sports and those who never had any interest whatsoever in Kindergarten soccer, but who would greatly benefit from and enjoy the use of a public pool.

I agree with previous letter writers, including a local real estate agent and the former head of Pelham Rec, that it’s long past time for Pelham to have a public pool and that it would make Pelham a more appealing place to move to and to live. Let’s make this happen!

Thank you very much.

Maryanne Joyce

142 Nyac Ave.