Franklin Field pool would bring back ‘summers many of us enjoyed when we were kids’

To the editor:

The proposal to have a municipal pool at Franklin Field would bring multi-generations of our community together in a central location to have fun, learn to swim, cool off on summer days, meet up with school friends and provide an opportunity to make new friends, much like the summers many of us enjoyed when we were kids. While I would love to have easy, walkable access to a large water play-area or a complex of multiple pools, as I looked at the proposal, posted in the Pelham Examiner on June 13, this is a smaller pool scaled to the size of our town, designed for our community to walk or bike to, in an area we all can easily access and enjoy. The proposed Pelham pool is unlike the expansive Wilson Woods pool or the massive Scarsdale pool complex. Considering also our friends and neighbors with mobility limitations that would benefit from water exercises, this pool would be a truly inclusive benefit for our community.

Solange Hansen

513 Fifth Ave.