Paulin endorsed for reelection to state assembly because she is one of most effective advocates

To the editor:

One of the benefits of paying attention to local politics is getting to know the politicians who represent us. We learn who’s doing a great job, and who’s not.

Our N.Y. State Assembly representative, Amy Paulin, does a great job. She is regularly ranked among the most effective legislators in New York. She has had more than three hundred bills signed into law, on such crucial issues as lowering taxes, protecting reproductive rights, suspending the gas tax and getting guns off our streets. One of her bills eliminated New York’s statute of limitations for rape. Another stiffened the penalties for human trafficking.

Locally, Amy works closely with Pelham government. She’s gotten state funding for capital improvements, advocated for traffic mitigation, fought for flood protection and expanded parking options for residents and merchants. She focuses on issues that concretely make our lives better. She uses her years of experience to break through political logjams for her constituents.

Though Pelham makes up less than 10% of Amy’s district, it’s a rare week when she’s not in town for an event. This past week, she participated in seven Pelham activities, engaging with the many residents who know her personally, and welcoming input from those meeting her anew. Our elected officials—of both parties—can and do reach her for help and advice nearly 24/7. They’re as likely to give Amy advice as to ask for it, and Amy is a politician who really listens.

Amy is running for reelection in Assembly District 88, and her name is at the bottom of the ballot. With new district lines and a right-wing opponent campaigning aggressively, Amy needs our support. Local elections can be decided by a few votes, so it’s extremely important we all vote. There are many options: Election Day is Nov. 8; early voting starts on Oct. 29 and runs through Nov. 6, or you can vote by mail (ballots must be postmarked by Nov. 8). Find your polling place here.

These are challenging times, and our rights and our democracy are under threat. Please join us in reelecting one of the strongest, most effective advocates we know: Assemblywoman Amy Paulin.

Marin Zielinski

60 First St.

along with:

Elizabeth Alderman

Nandini Anadu

Allison Anderson

Cathie Arquilla

Suany Aquino-Chudavala

Warren Banholzer

Kimberly Barrett

Bill Bassell

Linda Bethea

Denise Boyle Quatroni

Greg Breskin

Beth Braun

Sid and Kristen Burke

Marc and Nicole Burgess

Clayton Bushong

Rick Calero

John and Maria Calvelli

Josie Carbone

Linda Carlozzi

Alicia Carmona

Mike and Kate Carpenter

Laura and Chris Caruso

Michael Casey

Julie Chang

Michael Clain

Seth Cohn

Rachel Cullen

Maura Curtin

Chris D’Angelo

Grace DaProcida

Wojciech Dec

David Diamond

Peter and Julieta DiPaolo

Aileen and Tim Dose

Ed Doty

Cathy Draper

Amy Dunkin

Brian Eccleston and Carla Romita Eccleston

Hanan Kamal Eldahry

Heather Eliezer

Catherine and Olamide Fagbeyiro

Jason and Eileen Feldman

Xaira Ferrara

Chris Fink

Rosie Finizio

John Fronce

Allison Frost

Julia Fuller Nakayama

Stacey Gaine

Cheryl Goldstein

Amy Goodman

Lisa Hill-Ries

Peter Hoffmann

Jessica Hynes

Melissa Kagan

Darius Kingsley

Lance and Lisa Koonce

Melissa Labonte

Aiden Levy

Romina Levy

Zach Levy

Amy Lienert

Pam and John Little

Mercedes Maldonado

Matt Maron

Joe Marty

Toby Marxuach-Gusciora

Liz Massie

James McCormick

John McCormick

Paul and Patricia McGoldrick

Kim McGreal

Courtney and Ramsey McGrory

Kara McLoughlin

Theresa Mohan

Tai Montanarella

Tom and Mariette Morrissey

Peter Mullany

Chance Mullen and Francile Albright Mullen

Louise Muller

Sanjay Naik

Peggy Nicholson

Patrick Normoyle

Kathie O’Calaghan

Patty and Bill O’Connor

Laura O’Sullivan

Don Otondi

Marisa Panzani

Mike and Joanie Paradis

Emily Pauley

John and Stacy Peebles

Caleb Persanis

Clair and Matthew Persanis

Luke Persanis

Amy Platt

Peter and Kathy Potocki

Kate Pringle

Kim Riegel

Robert and Amy Rios

Jennifer Rohr

Mauro C. Romita

Gary and Kathleen Rothschild

Susan Saas

Paul Safsel and Jennifer Ryan Safsel

Marjorie Afab Shaw

Meredith Shea

Ken and Donna Shirriffs

Greg Shunick

Mike and Erika Sisk

Suzanne Snyder

Martha Solinger

Russell and Jessica Solomon

Ariel Spira-Cohen

Greg Spock

Ron and Silmara Sucena

Dana and Sydney Thayer

Adam Torres

Marie McIntyre Tracy

Mike Volpe

Josh Wallach

Henry and Alicia Washburn

Tara Harned Weishaupl

Tom White

Debbie Winstead

Erica Winter

Paula Wood

Jess Young

Moneeka Zaman

Charlie Zicari

Andrea Ziegelman