Hong Kong and Shanghai provide great museums, attractions and sightseeing

The view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

Hong Kong and Shanghai are two beautiful places to visit, with world class museums, incredible cityscapes, amazing walks and amusement parks for a fun break from touring.

The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is a must-see attraction. With more than four floors, the museum has lots of different exhibits for all ages, including a trolley ride to learn about the digestive system, an interactive exhibit that lets you feel an earthquake and many different theaters inside the 1.05 million-square-foot building.

The Shanghai Museum offers many different works of art and historical exhibits. Considered one of China’s first world-class museums, it has paintings from famous artists such as Georgia O’Keefe and Jackson Pollock. Admission is free.

The Bund, an area on the waterfront, offers a beautiful view of Shanghai, particularly at night. This is the perfect place to take pictures to capture a memory of of the city. Sculptures line a 1.5-mile promenade.

In Hong Kong, the Museum of Medical Sciences is small, yet full of lots of information about viruses, diseases and their outbreaks in Hong Kong. This museum also talks about the history of the Black Death, not only in Hong Kong, but around the world. It features three floors of medical artifacts, and is a great place for families as it provides kid-friendly games and facts, too.

Victoria Peak, the highest hill on Hong Kong Island with an elevation of 1,818 feet, offers a 3.5-kilometer hike to the top that provides views of the island, the city of Hong Kong and the South China Sea. It is worth the one-and-a-half hour walk to the top and back.

If you’re looking for rides and thrills, go to Ocean Park amusement park. There are two parts to the complex: An aquarium/bigger roller coasters and smaller rides. The park has a cable car connecting the two sections. There are seal, dolphin and even whale shows.

Another destination for rides and other fun is the AIA Great European Carnival located in the Central district, with roller coasters, swings, fun houses and carnival games. Kid friendly, the carnival also has smaller rides for little children who may not want to go on bigger rides or may be too short for those attractions. This is also a great place to go without kids. There are some bigger roller coasters for adults, and some carnival games may be interesting for adults, too.

Stanley Beach and Stanley Market are great for getting wet and shopping, respectively. The beach has no litter whatsoever and no seaweed. There are lots of street vendors on the market, and you can buy anything from bowls to jackets and souvenirs.

The Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens is a small, underrated zoo and garden. There are many different animals, such as monkeys, sloths and flamingos. This attraction is perfect for families looking to spend a few hours in the Aberdeen area of the city. Kids will be fascinated by the facts about the animals and intrigued by the sounds they make.