EcoPel welcomes Summer Solstice with free yoga session at Gazebo

By Charlotte Howard, Web Designer

Pelham residents of all ages gathered at the Gazebo for a Summer Solstice celebration on June 20 that was intended to show the power of environmental health and education.

The committee EcoPel, which organized the event, created a relaxing and educational experience for the community.

“This event is an opportunity for peaceful yoga practice with all ages,” said Franca Heinz, a member of EcoPel.

More than 75 people participated in the free night of education, yoga and relaxation. T-shirts, tank tops and raffle tickets were sold. The raffle included a five-day detox, free yoga classes and a gift basket of natural products.

Anyone looking for an active way to give back, this Summer Solstice event probably would have been for them.

“This event brings attention to EcoPel and environmental causes and issues,” said Anna Riehl Mullany, an EcoPel member. “It makes you feel like a small part of something bigger.”