Katie Couric’s documentary ‘The Revolt’ examines gender gap in media and tech


From left, Pelham Examiner Literary Editor Margot Phillips, Katie Couric and Pelham Examiner Assistant Managing Editor Charlotte Howard.

Most famously known from her 15 years as a co-anchor of the “NBC Today Show” and as the first woman anchor of “CBS Evening News,” Katie Couric has built herself an impressive career. Couric is an American award-winning journalist, cancer advocate, podcast host, author and documentary producer. Now, she is building her own company.

Couric created Katie Couric Media company in 2015 to make relatable content to bring about awareness and change. This company produces breaking news and podcasts, among many other things. Via the company, Couric created a documentary for National Geographic called the “Gender Revolution,” which premiered in 2017. She followed that with the series “America Inside Out.” Her most recent venture is a daily newsletter Wake-up Call with Katie Couric.

“The Revolt,” which is the fifth episode of the “America Inside Out” series, is both phenomenal and eye-opening in just under 50 minutes. The short film reflects on Couric’s travels across the United States to investigate gender bias in entertainment and tech as she talks to experts and learns about the idea of gender and how it has changed over the years. She accentuates her interviews and experience with the need for change through her documentary.

(Two Pelham Examiner editors were invited to a May 7 screening of “The Revolt” put on by Limitless, an initiative created by five Horizon Media female executives to give women the space, support and voice to identify, develop and exercise their own leadership potential.)

The world of media is one in which inequalities between men and women persist. The Status of Women in U.S. Media 2019 report shows that in spite of some benefits, men are still dominant in news, digital media and entertainment. Women were general managers of only 17.4 percent of the nation’s AM and FM stations, according to Mentoring Inspiring Women in Radio. According to the Women’s Media Center, “69 percent of news wire bylines (AP and Reuters) are snagged by men, 31 percent by women—by far the biggest gender gap in news media.” 

After the screening at Horizon’s headquarters, Limitless hosted Couric, Jeanine Liburd, chief marketing and communications officer at BET, and Julie Burton, founder and president of the Women’s Media Center, to talk about the issues covered in the program. Both Liburd and Burton also work to promote gender equality in the media. The three women passionately discussed the issues of gender and racial gaps in the United States.

To see the documentary, visit the link below.