Foto Feature: Living in Color PMHS yearbook release party


The 2019 Living in Color Release party took place at the main circle of the Pelham Memorial High School. This event celebrated the release of the PMHS yearbook.

Editor-in-Chief Kathryn Fugazy believed giving out yearbooks could be a more pleasurable and fun experience than in years prior. From that, she came with the idea of a release party.

“The release event was a really great way of giving closure to the school year, and a closure to high school for the seniors,” said Fugazy. “It was super colorful, just like our book, and I’m glad everybody had fun.”

With the help of the other editors and staff, the release party was a success and the staff hopes there will be more to come in the years ahead.

Editor’s note: Charlotte Howard is assistant editor of the PMHS yearbook.