Next Hutchinson Field event scheduled for August 25


The City of Mount Vernon has informed Village Pelham Manor officials that there are no Hutchinson Field events scheduled until August 25, according to a release published on the Pelham Manor Facebook page Thursday evening. This follows two successive weekends where events at Hutchinson Field caused noise complaints from Pelham Manor residents.

Pelham Manor Police Chief Jeffrey Carpenter confirmed on Friday that noise complaints were filed regarding the July 21 concert, and a previous press release said there were complaints about the July 14 event.

An unofficial summary of the most recent Pelham Manor Board of Trustees meeting, published on Facebook by Pelham Manor resident Maurice Owen-Michaane, reported noise complaints were a prominent topic of the meeting. The summary said Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey stated that all options are still on the table and Village Manager John Pierpont was able to inspect the stage and setup for the last show, finding the speakers were not in their agreed upon locations.

Pierpont has yet to respond to email inquiries on the noise problem.