Summer green screen class at Picture House a hit; students enjoy using special effects


Pelham students in the third through fifth grades worked together in the Summer STEAM into Green Screen camp offered by the Picture House from Aug. 19-23 at the Satellite Film Lab on Wolfs Lane.

The program allowed students to make a movie using a green screen to create special effects. They learned about storyboarding, film techniques, creating graphics and using special effects. The students started by writing down ideas such as “space” and “cheese.” Later, they split into groups of two and worked on different parts of the movie, which is based on the theme of space.

The students all seemed to enjoy getting to edit the film and add special effects.

“My favorite part of the class was sound and editing,” said student Charlie Fanuere.

Stella Gretina said she liked editing the most.

The Summer STEAM into Green Screen camp was offered by the Picture House Department of Education. Other camps included a Documentary Intensive and an Around the World of Filmmaking class. All the movies from the camps will premiere at a red carpet Student Showcase on Sept. 7 at the Picture House.

“I’m excited for my students to show off their film at the Student Showcase,” said teacher Logan Chappe. “I wanted to teach this class because it combines my interests in teaching, film and art.”