Village of Pelham garbage collection extended to Oct. 7


After already approving an extension of services until Oct. 1, the Westchester County Solid Waste Commission has okayed Pelham trash company Waste Services Inc. to operate through Oct. 7.

This follows an Aug. 5 suspension of Waste Services’ operating license.

Pelham Mayor Chance Mullen said in an email, “Given legal sensitivities, we cannot comment further at this time, but more information will be shared when the circumstances permit. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

On Aug. 5, the solid waste commission said, “The suspension was based on (Waste Services owner Joseph) Spiezio’s conduct surrounding his unjust enrichment and lack of credibility, among other things, which conveys his good character, honesty and integrity. The mandate of the commission is to ensure that only companies and individuals of demonstrated good character, honesty and integrity are issued licenses to operate in the county—and licenses can be suspended if a company no longer meets that standard.”

Waste Services is currently suing the commission over the suspension.