Councilman McLaughlin endorses GOP’s Blake Bell for re-election to town board

To the editor:

I would like everyone to know how special Blake Bell has been as a member of the town council for the last thirteen years. During this time, the board has relied on Blake for his in-depth knowledge of the various town issues and how to deal with them in a concise and appropriate manner.

I have personally worked with Blake Bell over the last 13 years on town issues and his advice, and council have been especially invaluable to me. Blake and I have a symbiotic relationship that has benefitted the town and all of its residents for over the last thirteen years.

His dedication to the town and the history of the town is without comparison. He “breathes” Pelham and all the good things that the town has to offer. Everything that Blake Bell does is for the betterment of the town and its residents.

His service on the board is exceptional and I wholeheartedly endorse his reelection. I and the town would lose a very valuable asset if he is not reelected. Please vote for experience and knowledge when voting on Nov. 5.

Vote for Blake Bell, the most experienced, the most competent and the most energetic candidate.

Dan McLaughlin

Town Councilman