Democrat Curtin backed for town council as effective volunteer and community organizer

To the editor:

This Nov. 5, we will cast our votes for Maura Curtin for Pelham Town Council. Maura has proven herself as an effective volunteer and community organizer, always with the best interests of our town in mind. She has dedicated countless hours to Pelham’s schools and our children, from her service with Hutchinson’s PTA and as a member of site-based council, to her work as a member of the community engagement committee for the board of education.

As co-presidents of Hutchinson School PTA during the 2017-2018 school year, we had the opportunity to work closely with Maura as she took a leadership role to help pass the bond for the new Hutchinson School. Her knowledge of Pelham, creative yet practical approach to problem solving, ability to mobilize people and create effective partnerships, and tireless work ethic and persistence were instrumental in the success of that effort. Her deep passion for our community was also evident to all who participated.

In addition to Maura’s history of volunteerism and public service in Pelham, her experience as managing director for New York State Sen. Alessandra Biaggi’s political committee means she understands how government works and can hit the ground running. We appreciate Maura’s inclusive nature and her openness to others’ ideas and different perspectives. She is always approachable and engaged, and she is genuinely committed to Pelham and its residents. For all of these reasons, we hope you will join us in voting for Maura Curtin for town council this Nov. 5.

Stacey Kaplan

34 5th St.

Lauren Dunkelberger

70 Second St.